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Showing default results for a 2 bedroom apartment with a current rent between $500-$700 with a building quality of 3 out of 5.

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Overall Summary
Overall Score

You appear to be getting a great deal (or not charging enough)

Based on apartments of average overall quality within 5 miles of 'Halifax, Nova Scotia ', you seem paying (or charging) less than your neighbors. If this building is low quality or in an undesireable location, that may be not be true. Otherwise, you are getting a great deal! (If you own the building, raising rent is probably a good idea.)

How Much Should You Pay?

Your rent is below the expected range of $1,180 to $1,790 per month

For buildings within 5 miles of 'Halifax, Nova Scotia ', with average overall quality, monthly rents for 2 bedroom apartments range from $1,180 to $1,790 per month. Your rent is below this range.

% of Neighbors Who Pay Less

18% of 2 bedroom renters are paying less than you

Your building and location have an average or below average overall quality. It is reasonable to expect that most other renters would be paying less than you.

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